Lsn #1: Gathering Coins adds up to lots of Dollars

In the world of blogging, it is essential to understand the "money-making" concept from the get-go. AdSense is an advertising program through Google. (An example is on the right hand side of this blog.) The ads will match themselves to certain key words in your blog content. Therefore, you want to focus on good "AdWords" (the term Google uses to describe key words that people search for, and therefore Advertisers focus on.) Advertisers bid on key words and are willing to pay a premium for certain words or phrases. Although this "premium" may be only 5 cents.

So how does this apply to you? I heard a story once about a taxi driver who did better than all the other taxi drivers because he picked up the "little fish". Most of the taxi drivers would wait for the "big fish", you know, the 30 mile drive to the suberbs, the big paying fares. They wouldn't waste their time with the short drives, like taking an elderly lady to the market or doctor's office.

But this guy, he would scoop them up. He would sleep in his taxi all night just so he'd be ready to grab that little fish when the call came in. And in the end, he was clearing $900 - $1000 a day.

I tell you this now, pick up the little fish. Gather the nickels and dimes, but gather them by having lots and lots of blogs (taxi fares). One big blog could collect the big money, but many, many blogs that collect nickels and dimes, in the end, will net you more money than just one.

Think about it... how could that be true? Well, if you have 100 blogs all collecting 10 ad-clicks every day at 10 cents, that is $1 a day in nickel/dime adwords. With 100 blogs, that equals $100/day.

But if you have only 1 amazing blog collecting $5 - $7 adwords, and getting the same 10 ad-clicks a day, that equals $50 - $70 per day.

Then you say, "Wait a minute... why wouldn't I just have 100 blogs picking up $5-$7 adwords? Hellooo.... not rocket science."

Answer: Adword traffic. The $5-$7 adwords are searched about 400,000 times per month. All the other fish in the sea want those adwords. That creates competition. What are the chances of getting your blog to show up at the front of THAT line? Zero to none.

The nickel adwords are searched about 700 - 3000 times per month. Do you see an opportunity opening up here? Less competition means you have a better chance of getting your blog to the front of the line, and more readers to your blog and more chances of them clicking an ad. This is a GOOD thing.

Think of the audience volume to your blogs. If I'm giving a blog seminar in one city, I get the audience available to that one venue. But if I post my seminar to 100 cities, then I get smaller, but more audiences, hence more clicks and more money.

Yes, folks, at this blog site we go against the tide. We teach you the opposite of what everyone else is doing. At this blog, you will learn how to pick up the coins, and still make more than the guys picking up the dollars.

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